michael ruocco.

shell oil. 

Taking the giant pertrochemical company out of the 1990s with a huge digital transformation

Lead designer across multiple channels including the redesign on a £14 billion turnover eCommerce platform.

Role - Ui / Ux 
Year - 2019-21

Client - Shell


Shell makes fantastic profits every year. So much so that they were feeling 'why do we need to embrace digital'. Except the digital revolution isn't going away and to ignore it, well, you can't therefore, Shell created a break away part of the business called 'The Agile Hub'. A place of learning and digital discovery to secure the future of Shell in to the next generation.

My role here was Principal Product Designer tasked with (and certainly not by myself…) creating renewable energy products within Shell by pushing design capabilities and dated digital standards. This was done firstly by creating a unifying digital design system (under NDA/unfinished) which was rolled out across multiple products and, creating high quality visual interfaces whether expectation is for web browser, apps or/and any other digital products (b2b, b2c) the multiple teams develop.