michael ruocco.

Advance Loans

Problem Statement

PWC needed to win the brand, app and overall digital experience for advance loans. They had no 'brand' or brand guidelines to work from as they were being created (slowly..) by an external agency. They had no previous app to work from as this was a 'first' for advance loans and they had 8 days to complete and present to stakeholders at a pitch. 

My role - Give them a 'brand', UX, UI experience that would win the work.
Team of One.
Year - 2021

Client - PWC for Advance Loans

The Competition

With only one place to start this rapid sprint, I started with a look around at the relevant competition with a little 'benchmark analysis'. Pretty quickly it was plain to see, there wasnt much competition in this arena...


Wires were 90% complete when i arrived. There were some tweaks to be made during design as is the way but generally Ux was in a solid place as i started to dig into their designs. 

Concept Two

This one was a little more hi-tech. Still using the same image on the front, I wanted to portray this was 'Advance' as a sophisticated payday loan company and by association, if you used this app, you would also be too. Subtle Golds, gradiated, rounded buttons with warm blue shadows across the board with thesame modern font, it gave an air of modern sophistication yet with enough negative space to allow the content and thus the clients messaging to come through cleanly.

Concept One

Based around 'the girl next door' fronting the campaign, users could see themselves in the image used, softening perhaps the stigma for a payday loan and thus visually helping to remove the barriers to using the app.


As for brand for concept 1, there was very little to go on. VAG Rounded was the brand font and they had some colour discovery, so i used simple shapes to anchor the visual assets with strong modals, subtle shadows rounding off with a gorgeous blue button and light blue shadowing to show this was a modern company embracing their digital offering.

Chosen Concept

Chosen Concept

Chosen Concept

A little warmer, more friendly on the eye by using nice muted colours. I chose a set of illustrations that were fuzzy and warm, with multiple variations of girls and boys in states of movement; standing still, walking, quick step and cycling and each phase of movement was used to show progress of the user through the loan application. I then added flat buttons to compliment the imagery, still using the same font but as this design took shape, it felt like there was more time and space for the user in general. Once completed over 40 odd different screens and four journeys, I decided this was 'home'. It was also nice on the eye, a little bit like Brad Pitt Circa Fight Club perhaps. The client agreed (on both Brad and the design..). Pitch secured. PWC got the gig.