michael ruocco.

hsbc call centre interface

Lead product designer for hsbc 

Agent interface dashboard to replace dated current solution

Role - Branding, UI, Product, Strategy
Year - 2016

Client - Fathom UX


hsbc like any bank were slow on the uptake of 'digital'. Many parts of the company were still using software and practices that were 10 years old plus which is just unacceptable in todays ever shifting digital landscape. 

They asked fathom to come up with a solution and strategy to remotivating a demotivated workforce (high turnover of staff..) and to updating an ageing interface for the guys working in call centres up and down the country.


A radical new approach.

This concept allowed 18 screens of current information and interaction to be squeezed down into four 'carousels' that surface what you need, when you need it.

The bottom half of the interface gives the agent a 'workspace' that moves up and down to perform his duties or as a window for extended views to certain information i.e. relevant customer data as and when required.

And we added 'gamification' to each call centre. For every call taken with a successful outcome, teams and agents were given points. These points manifested prizes at the end of each month for example: a winning team or agent might be given two tickets to Paris for the weekend, or a spa visit, how about a skiing weekend for the whole team or new macbook pros. 

Result: a 78% reduction in people leaving plus a high score returned on working practices and environment