michael ruocco.

nike ecom.

Part of a team dissecting and updating the current eCommerce journey for an agency pitch towards leveraging a little piece of the nike pie.

Role - Branding, UX, UI
Year - 2020

Client - fourfeet.co.uk for nike


Changing the style without changing the style. Clients love to talk about the future. Not many of them embrace it though as anything too radically different from a design perspective has no metrics, ergo 'how will it perform'. Therefore, the trick is to give them the 'same, but make it different..'


We added one more font (Din Condensed) into the mix on product pages (giving it more contrast/tone) and clawed back lots of white space throughout allowing the key messaging to be delivered with little to no visual fuss.

Glassmorphism was used on shoe size selection and the menu slide draw. Singular product pages have more space than before allowing more control over font placement, contrasting weights and reduced letterspacing throughout to bring prominence at the right moments. Flat buttons are gone replaced with subtle grads and beautiful, minimal background blur and colours allowing a more natural flow to the design. As someone a lot smarter than me once said, 'the beauty is in the details.'