michael ruocco.

domestic and general

have a very well performing app that monitors user appliances, servicing, engineer visits and the supply of spare parts. What they didn't have was a good on-boarding journey. This is where Inviqa came in...

Role -  UX / UI Redesign of App
Year - 2020

Client - Inviqa.com


too many users were leaving the app before they had signed up due to poor ux journeys and very static design.

My role was to redesign the onboarding journey (both Ux and Ui), create wireframes, sitemaps, user flows, run user testing sessions, prototype the wires then create the Ui around 4 onboarding experiences:

Migrating User
Biometric & Non Biometric Login

Forgotten Password

From start to finish just 20 days

All in all, from wires to design with a total of 96 screens across four user journeys including error states took twenty days. Team consisted of myself as Lead Product Design, a project manager, an account manager and dev support. Client was suitably impressed with the design so much so that I created a Design Book in tandem so these designs could be run out across the entire app whereas initially, it was just up to log in.

Programmes used were Sketch for wires and build, Marvel for prototyping and for dev hand off, Zeplin. Remote work with Zoom standups every morning. Can't wait to get back to real life and London tho ...